Every Thursday of the month!

Level 0 = Crash Course:

AKA WCS101. For those who have never danced west coast swing before. Focuses on basic rhythm and basic patterns to get you through a song at the social dance!

We recommend at least 2-4 crash course classes before progressing to Foundations (Level 1).

Level 1 = Foundations: 

Required to attend Foundations: At least 2 Crash Course classes or other comparable west coast swing classes. Understanding of 6-count basics and timing.

Focus on expanding basic rhythms, adding 8-count patterns, foundational technique, and giving ideas/options for adding variety into your social dancing.

Level 2 = Patterns & Concepts:

Required to attend Patterns & Concepts: Understanding of timing, leverage and compression, and both 6 and 8 count rhythms. Follows should be comfortable spinning in extended basics (i.e. spinning left side pass, whip with double outside turn).

Recommend at least 4-6 months of Foundations class or other comparable west coast swing classes before attending Patterns & Concepts class.

Deeper dive into fine tuning technique, communication with a partner, higher level patterns/variations, and musicality! Some weeks will also include specialty topics.


Featuring rotating/guest instructors or specialty classes as announced.