Code of Conduct

I accept that as a member of this community, I will contribute to making a community that is safe, open, honest, and enjoyable for all involved

How to report incidents:

If someone’s actions are in the realm of (sexual or otherwise) harassment or abuse, please inform an organizer or staff member (listed below). That said, simply not liking the way someone looks, talks, or dances is not a good enough reason to accuse them of harassment.

We will only accept “official complaints” from those directly involved with the incident or authorized representatives of those involved. We do not accept hearsay. We understand that it can be uncomfortable, so we will accept complaints both in-person and via writing.

If someone tests positive for COVID after attending classes/social, please inform an organizer or staff member.  Reports will remain anonymous unless the party that has tested positive chooses to disclose their status publicly.

Complaints can be written into either our email address ( or to our Facebook page. 

If you breach this code of conduct:


Official event representatives:

Ryan Maldonaldo

Liz Ravdin

Rachel Shook

Kelly Wright

This Code of Conduct is derived from Blue Note San Diego’s Code of Conduct with the organization’s permission.