Ryan Maldonado

Ryan has been a part of the Austin dance community since 2010. Ryan started dancing in the country bars and taught country dancing at Mavericks Dancehall for 6 years before fully transitioning to West Coast Swing. Ryan has been dancing WCS for 7 years and continues to train frequently with his dance coaches to not only improve his own dancing, but also to keep up with new trends and learning styles in West Coast Swing. Ryan is available for private lessons. You can also find him teaching, at the registration desk, or at the DJ booth Thursday nights at AWA.

Liz Ravdin

We thought that the best way to give a snapshot into Liz's interests and personality was... The 5 C's: 1) Cats 🐱 2) Cacti 🌵 3) Cheese 🧀 4) Coffee ☕ 5) Cannibalism 😨 (she loves horror movies and spooky season 😆). She's been a consistent and fun-loving part of our Austin community for over 8 years and often brings the tunes that evoke booty drops. She is hired to DJ west coast swing events across the country and competes in the All Star division. You may find Liz teaching a class or at the DJ booth to discuss any of her favorite topics!

Rachel Shook

Rachel is a WSDC All Star West Coast Swing Dancer based in Austin, TX. Rachel discovered West Coast Swing 7 years ago and instantly fell in love with the dance because of the wide variety of music, its collaborative nature, and individual expression of movement. Rachel regularly trains with the top west coast swing professionals on the circuit to improve her own dance and to inform her teaching. She also practices and works diligently through training solo movement, video analysis, and partnered practice to improve her dance. Rachel has multiple placements in the all star division and continues to train to one day qualify to compete in the Champion division and is working to put a routine on the floor. Rachel teaches private lessons, workshops, and especially enjoys teaching solo swing workshops to help dancers incorporate isolations, footwork, and other individual movement into their West Coast Swing.

Kelly Wright

Kelly first was introduced to partner dancing through the country dance halls in Austin after college, but dove more into west coast swing in 2016 after some friends suggested she try it out. Her favorite part of social dancing is being able to create something unique with each partner. You can find her teaching a class or getting to greet everyone at the check-in desk.


Debbie Figueroa

Debbie is known for head judging, performances, choreography, and dance instruction. She is an award winning competitor in Country, West Coast Swing, and Hustle, among other dances. Debbie started competing on the West Coast Swing circuit in 1999. Since that time, she has won many major titles including the USA Grand Nationals, Dallas Dance, ASDC, and many others. Debbie currently lives in Austin, TX and works teaching, judging, and performing at events across the nation. Debbie was also co-owner of the Austin Swing Dance Championships, which was a fun, friendly, and successful event for the last 9 years.